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Join our online community of sellers and make money for your business easily. You are free to sell the following

  • New Products
  • Used Products
  • Factory Refublished
  • Seller's Refublished
  • Damaged Products (Useful only for buyers that are engineers)

You can sell various types of products such as

  • Electronics
  • Computers
  • Phones & Tablets
  • Fashion
  • Baby, Toys & Kids Products
  • Home & Kitchen Products
  • Personal Care Products
  • Health Products (with exception of controlled substances)
  • Genarators & Power Products
  • Building & Industrial Products
  • Cars & Auto Products
  • And any physical products that requires Shipping

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Please note that to register or login for all our products / services you will be directed to our the URL

Various Ways to Sell in our marketplace

You can sell your product in our marketplace using two main methods
  • Free Seller: You can allow us manage your products by using our inbuilt payment collection and logistics solution. Completely free
  • Premium Seller: You can use our white-labelled solution. This is usefull if you want to sell your product independent of us. You will able to sell your product in your customised website and customised mobile App. Your client cannot discover us unless you tell them
Click here to learn more about the features of our premium selling option

About Our Premium

Selling Option

Our premium selling option makes it possible for you to manage your store independent of our marketplace. Most marketplace around the world collects payment and handles logistics for you but our premium marketplace gives you full control in payment collection and logistics.
Everyone should note that in order to start selling, they must activate their store by entering the necessary parameters in their store settings The following are some of its features

  • Run your online store in your own domain name (eg You get a free do,ain name
  • Ability to handle your own logistics using either RedStar, DHL or Fedex (More logistics solutions will be added)
  • You get complete web application that contains only your products
  • Customised mobile application for your store (Optional)
  • Independent payment collection via Paypal, Flutterwave or Paystack (Working to add more payment solutions)
  • Ability to update content of your site such as (Bank account, terms & Conditions, privacy policy, etc)
  • Customize the colour of your website
  • Choose different web theme / template (We currently have one, working on others)
  • Admin backend to manage your clients and products
White-Labelled Marketplace

About Our Free

Selling Option

Our free selling option makes it possible for you sell ypour products in our marketplace using our own website

  • You get a free web page for your store. eg (
  • We will handle your shipping / logistics. All you need to do is drop your product in the nearest logistic company in your area
  • When clients pays for any product we hold their fund in their bank account. We only deduct the fund in their account when the return period have expired. Once this deduction is made it would be paid directly into your bank account. You can monitor the progress via your sellers dashboard
  • Admin backend to manage your products
Free Marketplace