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Is there any option for buyers to Pay On Delivery?

No, we no longer support pay on delivery

How can I register as a seller?

To register as a seller click the register link and you will be taken to our central registeration page. After registering ypu will be redirected to our web site with the option to activate your account. You can enable the sellers account after registeration

How long does it take for my order to arrive?

It depends on many factors. The estimated time for your product to arrive is always displayed in the site during checkout

How long can the product be with me before it can be returned?

Product delivered can be returned within 7 day after delivery. Read Our Return Policy

What type of products can I sell in

You can sell any physical product cars, electronics, phone, tablets, etc

Is my info safe?

Yes your information is safe with us. We do not give out information of our clients. See our privacy policy

What are the various payment types you run?

We run Online payment, wallet payment and bank payment

I have money in my wallet but cannot use it to pay?

Fund can be in your wallet but not available to spend because the fund is still under processing. The fund would be released once the buyer have received his goods and the 1 day return have expired

When do I get my fund in my bank as a seller

We pay our sellers 12 mid-night (+1 GMT) the next day

If I do not pay my monthly fee as a seller and my account expires, what will happen?

Your account will enter a grace period of 2 days and then becomes suspended. Once your account is suspended, users will not be able to access it. And a message of the suspension would be displayed in the website

After registering as a seller, what's next?

You will have to login with the username and password you used initially. You will then be redirected to a page where you can run your store setup. Store setup must be completed before your store is online

Why can't I withdrawal my cash from my wallet

Only sellers can withdraw cash into their bank account. Buyers will have to use the money in their wallet to make purchases in our website