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Product Of Risam Dataland Ltd.

Business Assistance For store Owners

We provide the following assistance for all store owners:

  1. Complete Store Management Software
  2. Business Loan
  3. Best Online community where they can get staff, labourers or freelancers
  4. Importation Assistance of goods and raw materials
You must be an eligible seller before we can enroll you with any of these services

The followings are the features of our Store Management Software
  1. We have 2 editions: cloud Based or Standalone
  2. It supports networking and multiple sellers
  3. It has an inbuilt inventory management
  4. It has inbuilt Payroll system
  5. A complete ERP solution for your customers
  6. It communicates with your bank
  7. It synchronizes with your website
  8. Very easy to read reporting system
Business Loan
We do not give loans but we have partnered with private companies that gives business loans to SME's and Start-ups. We can link you up to companies / fundraising bodies that can provide your business what it needs to succeed.
Need Qualified Staff / Freelancers
We control one on the biggest job portals for contractors, freelancers and job seekers in the world. We can link you up with a qualified candidates when you sign up as a seller
Importation Assistance of raw materials / goods
The selling prize of your products depends on the cost prize of where you bought it from. This also affect your business as client flocks around sellers that are able to sell products at a cheaper rate with the same quality. This makes it sometimes for some sellers to compete favorable. We can assist you with advice one where to buy your products and how to maximize your profit via that source.